Our team of specialist educational statisticians undertakes the analytical aspects of assessment performance management. This team also provides support to regulators and government for programme monitoring of national assessments. We specialise in evaluation of qualification reliability and validity.

AlphaPlus helps ensure the proper working of qualifications and assessments and assembles the evidence to demonstrate this. This evidence includes analytical work, often on large datasets; field work with centres, teachers and students; reporting and evidence-led action planning. It often also includes training and capacity development with stakeholders, and support for strategic development.

We are excellent communicators, speaking and writing clearly and accurately and giving messages that are to the point and free of jargon. We provide realistic evaluations of results (not theoretical, not perfectionist, not partisan), advising our clients where and why we think improvements are necessary, but equally giving sensible, calm judgements of where services are satisfactory, or as good as they can be. Needless to say, AlphaPlus is accredited by government agencies as a responsible handler of sensitive data; we also have a strong track record of respecting confidentiality.