AlphaPlus is an education service business that specialises in standards, assessment and certification. We help our clients design, develop, deploy and evaluate qualifications and their underpinning assessments. Our work spans the public and private sectors, schools, colleges, vocational and professional learning. Around half our work is overseas.

Here are some typical examples of what we do:

  • Providing an outsourced turnkey examinations service
  • Helping professional bodies redesign their membership and certification processes
  • Developing new professional and occupational standards
  • Developing new qualifications and curriculums
  • Writing high stakes assessments for awarding organisations such as AOs and Government agencies
  • Supporting regulators with their work to oversee examinations
  • Providing statistical analysis of assessment data
  • Moving assessments from on-paper to on-screen

We are educationalists with a strong commitment to improving teaching, learning and assessment, based on intellectual integrity, sound evidence and innovative approaches. We are also committed to being a dependable, accountable, honest and loyal partner for our clients who rely on us for support in high stakes environments.

We have a growing set of case studies which you can access from the link below. Each case study provides an overview of work completed on the project.

These cover a range of geographic regions we have worked in, many different clients and areas such as standards, curriculum development, learning design and assessment.
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If you have any queries about the work covered in the case studies, or would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact

John Winkley

0161 249 9260


We work across early years, primary and secondary phases of education. This includes policy and strategy projects, typically working with government on the early phases of educational reform programmes, through to delivering services directly to schools – for example, national examination services, and rollout of new curricula including training and school support. Our team includes leading experts in school education and assessment, and we have the capability and reach to deploy large teams to school projects in short timescales.

Professional Education

We work with around 25 professional bodies, supporting their membership and certification services.

These include national and global certification bodies in medicine, pharmacy, legal professions, accountancy bodies, and finance and insurance. We provide strategic advice on the business of certification – statistical analysis of assessment data, benchmarking of assessment quality and design and development of new certifications.

Vocational Education

We work across all areas of vocational education and assessment, both workplace/apprenticeship and college learning, including generic adult education and trades and professions. We have developed over 150 NOS and 150 Qualifications. We support around 40 certification bodies in assessment design, deployment of digitally-enabled assessment, regulatory compliance and business strategy. We also work with government and regulators, supporting vocational education reform across several countries worldwide.

UK Nations

Our work covers the UK’s four nations. In England, our clients include DFE, ESFA and Ofqual, working on projects across school and vocational education. In Wales, we are contracted by the Welsh Government to deliver school National Assessments from years 2-9. In Scotland and Northern Ireland we have played a key role in the definition and development of adult basic skills certification.


Around half of our work is delivered overseas – typically for national governments undertaking educational reform in schools or vocational education. Our approach is to work closely with clients and we are able to swiftly deploy large teams of educational experts, supported by outstanding flexible project managers into client locations to ensure projects are delivered effectively and with a full understanding of local needs.

AO Services

We offer a range of support services for awarding organisations - from qualification and assessment development to HR and performance management support.
We have been working with awarding organisations for some time, on areas such as qualifications development, functional skills exam writing and statistical analysis. We’ve expanded our team, and we’re now offering a wider range of services.