Support for AO HR and performance management

AlphaPlus’s HR support service can ensure your staff are supported while allowing you to concentrate on your core awarding organisation business.

We offer a comprehensive HR management package to help you turn your company strategy into team action plans and personal targets.

An effective HR system provides reliable information on how your team are working, and highlights problems at an early stage. It also helps prioritise action in the annual performance monitoring cycle, and maintains a record of individuals’ achievements to support job role management and decisions about pay.

But managing HR effectively requires specialist skills, and many organisations cannot justify a full-time HR manager. Our scheme is based on a performance agreement, and requires regular meetings between line manager and staff member. We support this process with documentation, ensuring that expectations are clearly articulated. We also provide policy and process support based on industry best practice.

The AlphaPlus HR system helps you to be confident that:

  • managers know and agree the core duties and objectives with staff
  • there is a real and effective two-way dialogue
  • objectives are SMART and review dates are agreed in advance
  • reviews are held at least monthly, and appraisals are held annually
  • proper records of the process are made and kept, with agreed actions followed up
  • the system helps to identify and fix problems at an early stage

We will run this service for you or provide whatever parts of the service you need, including.

  • the performance management system (documentation, systems manual etc)
  • training for managers in how to use the performance management system
  • compliance monitoring
  • standardisation monitoring
  • annual analysis and report on the how the system is being run

For more information, and to discuss a proposal to support your HR function, please contact: Gillian Whitehouse