We are actively engaged with the latest educational developments, on both a strategic level - through our research and evaluation projects for UK government - and at a practical level - through the experience of our wider team in all aspects of educational development and change.

We work across all phases of education. Many of our team were primary or secondary school teachers and/or leaders prior to becoming involved in, for example, teacher education and training, assessment, research and evaluation, or education policy and implementation.

We have an international reputation for robust, evidence-based meaningful evaluations which support our clients to understand the impact on their stakeholders of policy change. We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that evaluation findings are evidence based and useful.

Our clients include governments, their agencies and awarding organisations, as well as professional bodies. Our team has expertise in assessment, evaluation and statistics, fieldwork and evidence gathering – but we are also excellent communicators, speaking and writing clearly and accurately, and giving messages that are to the point and free of jargon.