Great Place To Work

AlphaPlus is proud to announce the we have now gained the Great Place To Work Certification™.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. They help organisations quantify their culture and produce better business results by creating a high-trust work experience for all employees. Backed by 30 years of data the Great Place To Work Certification™ surveys over 10 million employees, over 10,000 companies supported in over 98 countries annually.

In November 2023 AlphaPlus conducted the Great Place To Work survey to gather anonymous data from our staff about how AlphaPlus is as an employer. Questions covered topics such as fairness, support and leadership.

Key highlights from the results include:

  • Almost all of our staff (98%) believe that AlphaPlus is a Great Place to Work.
  • 92% average of all statements responses were ‘Almost always true’ or ‘Often true’.
Score Topic Detail
97%JusticeEmployees perceive that management promotes inclusive behaviour, avoids discrimination and is committed to ensuring fair appeals.
95%LeadershipEmployee’s experience with leaders’ behaviour and how it resonates with the company’s strategy and values. A positive experience of these behaviours for employees on all levels of the organisation is a key differentiator among the best workplaces and enables companies to execute their strategy consistently.
94%Community Community reflects the deepest level of camaraderie that is developed within a group, and measures the extent to which employees consider that there is a sense of ‘family’ or ‘team’.
93%FairnessThe extent to which employees feel that management practices are fair by assessing the equity, impartiality and justice employees perceive in the workplace.
94%SupportThe provision of training opportunities, resources and equipment as well as appreciation of professional accomplishments.
AlphaPlus' Great Place To Work Certified badge from November 2023 to November 2024 UK
Great Place To Work Certified badge

Andrew Boyle, AlphaPlus’ Director of HR, says, “We’re pleased we have such a positive Great Place To Work score. AlphaPlus works in the field of educational assessment and standards. As a growing, and – relatively – new business, we believe that we are making our reputation every day.  Our commitments to equality, and ethical working are real and sustained. We’ve worked hard to make sure AlphaPlus is such a positive place to work, and are glad our employees agree.”

For more information about our Great Place To Work Certification click here.