Education research and evaluation services

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Impact studies

We have expertise and experience in evaluating the impact of policy and its implementation, for example, the impact of changes to the curriculum and its assessment on teaching and learning. Our team bring subject and sector experience and expertise as well as an in-depth understanding of educational research methodology.

We offer expertise in the use of a range of evaluation strategies, including case studies, surveys, meta-analysis of secondary data and literature reviews. We have experience in using interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and observations for the collection of data.

Literature studies

AlphaPlus undertakes literature reviews either as part of an initial review of relevant academic literature and empirical studies for a particular project, or as a stand-alone piece of work for a client.

The synthesis of secondary data is a growing field in educational research. The AlphaPlus team undertakes synthesis of both qualitative and quantitative research findings. This can be used to quickly develop a knowledge base of what is out there already. We have led major literature reviews for numerous clients.

Process evaluation

We evaluate and report on the research process when policies and interventions are implemented.

As well as looking at the difference a policy change or intervention has made (impact evaluation), AlphaPlus evaluates how interventions are being/have been implemented (process evaluation). This may be as part of a wider evaluation which also looks at outcomes and impact or might just focus on the input. For example, AlphaPlus undertakes process evaluations to report on the fidelity of different interventions for randomised control trials. Our role would be to check that the interventions ‘fit’ the definition for the research project, e.g. monitoring that the difference between e-learning and face-to-face learning is maintained.

Quantitative research and analysis

We have high-level expertise and wide experience in the quantitative analysis of data to support both the evaluation and the improvement of qualifications and their assessments.

AlphaPlus has developed a highly successful function for carrying out quantitative research and analysis, and has accumulated a diverse range of clients, including UK government departments, awarding organisations, and learned societies, e.g. the Institute of Physics.


We offer a complete survey design, implementation, analysis and hosting service. This service is tailored to your specific needs and is suitable for a range of research purposes including satisfaction surveys, consultations with stakeholders, monitoring or evaluating programmes of change, gathering information on current practices and procedures, or polls of opinions and perceptions.

We undertake the following stages of survey research:

  • Question design and testing
  • Design, secure hosting and distribution of online surveys
  • Design, printing, distribution and data entry of paper surveys
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of survey responses
  • Reporting on the findings of your survey

Action research

In addition to working with and supporting practitioner researchers in schools and colleges, AlphaPlus team members have also developed and delivered research training for practitioners.