AlphaPlus Directors

AlphaPlus Chair - John KerrJohn Kerr Chair of AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd

John Kerr, formerly CEO of the Edexcel Foundation, the UK largest awarding body, specialises in providing educational consultancy across a wide range of Higher Education, Technical Training and Schools. His current projects include advising the Welsh government, advising for 8 UK Universities on partnerships in South Asia, and qualification and curriculum support for Singaporean education group.

John trained as a lawyer and has held legal positions with the London Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Authority. After leaving Edexcel John was a director of the Edge Foundation and commissioned three city academies and the Edge Hotel School.

John is currently strategy consultant in education theory and practice for a number of government and private education bodies both within UK and internationally, and holds a number of directorships in private education companies specialising in utilising technology in education.

AlphaPlus Director - Andrew BoyleAndrew Boyle Director

Andrew Boyle is the Director of Quantitative Research and Analysis at AlphaPlus.  In this role he provides a comprehensive and flexible service for the company’s clients.  This service utilises a wide range of statistical techniques, and applies them with great accuracy to clients’ data sets.  Further, in delivering results to clients we make sure that we communicate effectively and clearly.  We write succinct reports with clear summaries of findings and recommendations, provide informative graphics in presentations and reports and are always prepared to discuss findings with clients and stakeholders.

Before joining AlphaPlus in 2013, Andrew worked for many organisations in UK education including the exams regulator Ofqual and its predecessor QCA.  He has also worked for several major UK awarding organisations, including Cambridge Assessment and City & Guilds.

In addition, Andrew is an accomplished assessment researcher. He is a Fellow of the European assessment association, AEA-Europe, and was a member of the English exams regulator Ofqual’s Vocational Advisory Group.

AlphaPlus Director - Gavin ReynaudGavin Busuttil-Reynaud Director

Gavin is an educational assessment specialist with a background in engineering which is brought to bear on technology-based assessment projects.  He has a successful track record working in the UK and internationally on product development and consultancy projects for education ministries, Awarding Organisations and professional bodies.  Gavin joined AlphaPlus in 2006 and is now the Director of General Consulting. He brings to the team strong project management skills developed on contracts for both public and private sector customers, and experience gained as an engineering process manager in extracting business value from major IT investments through process redesign, system integration, innovation and training.

Gavin is Board Member and Executive Committee Member of the eAssessment Association ( and has presented his work at eassessment conferences including; The eAssessment Question, eAssessment in Practice and the eVocational conference.

AlphaPlus Director - John MitchellTom Mitchell Director

Tom has been a Director of AlphaPlus since 2010, and has worked in education and educational technology for the last 20 years. Tom was trained as a software engineer, and obtained a PhD in Machine Vision from Brunel University, where he subsequently worked as a lecturer and research team leader. Tom subsequently ran an e-assessment technology company for 10 years, developing and deploying innovative e-assessment products for customers in the private and public sectors.

Tom leads the Qualification development, standards & National Occupational Standards business unit within AlphaPlus. In recent years this part of the business has developed large numbers of National Occupational Standards (NOS), qualifications, associated assessments, and learning materials across a wide range of vocational occupations, both for international and UK clients. Much of the work is in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and the AlphaPlus team have built a strong reputation in the region. In addition to his work with qualifications and standards, Tom provides strategic technology consultancy to AlphaPlus’ UK awarding organisation clients.

AlphaPlus Director - John WinkleyJohn Winkley Director

John is a director of AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd and an experienced leader of projects in education, particularly in the areas of standards, qualifications and assessment, and educational technology. He is an experienced business manager with a track record of business growth in UK education and technology businesses. He has specialised in providing world-class services for standards, qualifications and assessment agencies in the UK and overseas through the three companies he has helped to found and build over the last 15 years: BTL Group Ltd (, The Virtual College plc ( and his current business, AlphaPlus.

John has a BSc and MEng in Electrical Engineering from the University of Bath. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. He is also Chairman of The Beckfoot Trust – a multi academy trust in West Yorkshire.